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📌 The Bradley Bulletin: The 2024 Legislative Fight Continues

Representative Brandi Bradley's Capitol Connection

Colorado 2024 Legislative Session with Representative Brandi Bradley

Dear Constituents of House District 39,

As we approach the final days of the 2024 legislative session, I want to express my gratitude for your unwavering support. These past few weeks have been filled with long hours and countless battles to do what's best for our state.

To give you an idea of what this session has looked like, a total of 655 bills were introduced, with 450 coming from the House and 205 from the Senate. This year, we have 77 MORE bills introduced than in 2023. With Republicans in the minority, it's crucial to understand the significance of this legislation being pushed through. The democrat legislators are coming for your 2A, against your parental rights and local control, always finding ways to increase cost, and the aggressiveness they are coming to erase biological women in support of criminals is alarming.

With just 11 days left and more than 300 bills still pending, the path ahead is expected to be difficult. However, you can trust the remaining Republican legislators to persist and make decisions that are beneficial for Colorado. Let's also hope that some of the unfavorable bills fail to pass due to the limited time available!

🚨 A Call to Action: Your Prayers Needed

In this critical time, my call to action is to ask for your prayers. Pray for our strength and fortitude as we face bills that threaten the well-being of our state. Pray for discernment as we navigate amendments to mitigate the harm of bad legislation. And pray for favor as we seek to win over the hearts of those who oppose us. Your prayers are a source of encouragement and support as we continue this fight.

Colorado State House Representative Brandi Bradley

🎉 Rep. Bradley's Legislative Celebrations

Representative Brandi Bradley HB24-1247 Digital Education Materials

HB24-1247 Digital Education Materials 

This bill passed committee and appropriations. We had scheduling issues on this one, as the Democrats love to mess with important bills like pornography in schools, so thank you to those who showed up twice to give public comment. This bill now moves to the House floor for second and third readings and then on to the Senate!

HB24-1430 Long Bill Amendment for School Safety Funding

Despite the obstructive efforts of Rep Epps and other Democrats in the Senate who voted against allocating $2 million from our budget to enhance school safety, the Joint Budget Committee recognized the importance of this amendment and approved it. It's disheartening to see what we're up against, especially when a mere $103 per school was initially deemed sufficient for safety measures. We must prioritize our children's safety above all else. Thank you, Rep. English, for your support in this effort, and thank you to the Joint Budget Committee for your correct decision on this matter.

Representative Brandi Bradley HB24-1327 Physical Therapist Bill

House Bill 1327, the Sunset Physical Therapist Bill

The House has passed HB24-1327 on its third reading, and now it is headed to the Senate for further consideration. As a Physical Therapist myself, I am thrilled to be part of this bill, which aims to protect the brand of physical therapists and give them the authority to order X-rays and MRIs. This is one of my favorite bills, and I am proud to be a part of it!

Rep. Bradley's Capitol Highlights

Rep. Bradley's 2024 Legislative Fight

Gun Ownership Saves Lives: Our fight for gun rights continues as we emphasize the importance of self-defense and protection, particularly for vulnerable groups. Gun ownership saves lives and many of the bills put forth by my Democrat peers will disproportionally hurt single, poor, and elderly women because limiting guns eliminates the greatest equalizer we have. Three million crimes have been prevented by guns yet the Democrats want to give hugs to remedy Gun VIOLENCE - I’ll give you hugs AND protect you with my firearm. I will always fight for our 2A.

Fighting for Your Second Amendment Rights: Despite our efforts, the Assault Weapons Ban HB24-1292 passed the House with a vote of 35-27-3. The Communist Reps celebrated this blatant disregard for our 2A rights. We must vote these communist out and win more seats in the House.

Advocating for the Preborn: I spoke at the March For Life at the Capitol earlier this month. We have the most radical and extreme abortion laws in the country - it is appalling. We are a pro-murder state -I refuse to be quiet on this issue. We will continue to stand for God and for the unborn and will make our voices loud and clear that EVERYONE deserves a chance at life! Watch my speech here

Defending Local Control - HB24-1313 -This move to mandate high-density, transient communities usurps local control and will significantly impact DougCO. This isn't responsible governance, and we shouldn't undermine local autonomy. Setting density goals should be a local decision; a one-size-fits-all approach isn't suitable. Let's empower local governments to find reasonable solutions tailored to their communities instead of imposing mandates on us

If you haven't already, I urge you to follow me on social media to stay informed about the critical issues we're facing and join the conversation as needed! The gaslighting tactics employed by some of my peers across the aisle on Twitter/X are concerning, but I will continue to be a steadfast voice for what is right speaking truth to the darkness, regardless of the challenges and smears we encounter.

Thank you for your continued support as the 2024 Legislation Session comes to an end. Your prayers ushering us to the finish line on May 8th are needed. Let's continue to fight for our shared values and a brighter future for all of Colorado

In Liberty,

Colorado State House Representative Brandi Bradley

Brandi Bradley

Your Representative for Colorado House District 39

Message from Team Bradley: Birthday Wishes and Support

Earlier this month, on April 2nd, we celebrated Representative Brandi Bradley's birthday! Join us in wishing her a happy birthday, and consider making a donation to support Rep. Bradley's 2024 Legislative Fight and her efforts as she embarks on another election cycle





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