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Colorado legislation House Representative Brandi Bradley

A Glimpse at My Time Spent at the Capitol Representing YOU.

Committee Assignments

  • Appropriation

  • Transportation, Housing & Local Government 

  • Public & Behavioral Health & Human Services


Fundamental Rights For Parents

Submitting to the registered electors of the state of Colorado an amendment to the Colorado constitution concerning establishing fundamental rights for parents.


Colorado Re-engaged Initiative Modifications

Concerning allowing a student to receive an associate degree from the Colorado re-engaged initiative after earning a certain number of credit hours from a different institution.


Prohibit Foreign Ownership Agricultural and Natural Resources

Concerning prohibiting the ownership of certain property interests by covered foreign persons that are not located in the United States.


Tax Credit Lifebuoy Apparatus

Concerning a state income tax credit for an eligible purchaser's installation of a lifebuoy apparatus.


Women's Rights In Athletics

Concerning protecting female students' rights in athletics.


Public Access Landlocked Publicly Owned Land

Concerning authorizing an individual to move between two adjacent parcels of public land that touch at the corners and, in connection therewith, creating a task force to study the issue of access to public lands that are blocked by privately owned lands and making an appropriation.


Prohibit COVID-19 Vaccine To Minor Without Consent

Concerning measures to prohibit requiring administration of a COVID-19 vaccine to a minor without informed consent.


Epinephrine Auto-injectors At Institutions Of Higher Education

Concerning the requirement to acquire epinephrine auto-injectors for placement at institutions of higher education.


Chatfield State Park Water Quality Fee

Concerning a water quality fee to be paid for admission to Chatfield State Park, and, in connection therewith, requiring the division of Parks and Wildlife to collect the fee and transfer the amount of the fee to the Chatfield watershed authority.


Protections For People With An Eating Disorder

Concerning measures to improve outcomes for individuals with an eating disorder.


Colorado Child Support Commission Recommendations

Concerning recommendations of the Colorado Child Support Commission.

Colorado House Representative Brandi Bradley
Colorado House Representative Brandi Bradley
Colorado House Representative Brandi Bradley
Colorado House Representative Brandi Bradley
Colorado House Representative Brandi Bradley

Affordability & The Economy

I stand firmly for the values of fiscal responsibility and economic growth. Committed to addressing the critical issues of affordability and high inflation, I will continue to advocate for policies that alleviate the tax burden on hardworking Coloradans. With a focus on supporting measures that promote job creation and economic development, I will champion initiatives to control government spending and maintain a business-friendly environment. I believe in upholding the Taxpayer's Bill of Rights (TABOR), ensuring that taxpayers have a voice in decisions impacting their finances. My unwavering commitment lies in fighting for constituents' interests in the capitol, working tirelessly to secure Colorado's economic prosperity and financial well-being.

Crime & Safety

I am deeply committed to ensuring the safety and security of our communities. With Colorado facing alarming rates of auto and property theft, I stand firm in advocating for stronger legislation to protect our residents' property and vehicles. I recognize the pressing need to address the emergence of homeless encampments, which pose safety concerns in our neighborhoods. I believe in passing crucial legislation to implement and enforce a camping ban in Douglas County to restore safety and order to our streets. My unwavering dedication to community safety underscores my commitment to preserving a secure environment for all residents in our vibrant county.

I will always be a fierce advocate for individual rights, including parental rights and medical freedom. I support the rights of parents to make decisions regarding their children's education and healthcare, advocating for expanded school choice options that empower parents to choose the best educational path for their families.


With a firm belief in medical freedom, I oppose mandates that infringe upon an individual's rights to make their own healthcare choices, standing against coercive measures that mandate medical procedures or interventions.


Additionally, I am a defender of Second Amendment rights, committed to protecting and preserving these fundamental liberties. In the capitol, I pledge to passionately fight for my constituents' rights, championing legislation that upholds individual freedoms and ensures that the voices of the people of Colorado House District 39 are heard and respected.

Individual Rights 

Colorado House Representative Brandi Bradley

"Brandi embodies the core principles that uphold and protect the sanctity of family values. Her steadfast advocacy and genuine concern for the families in our district make her the ideal choice for those who value the fundamental importance of family in our society."
- House District 39 Constituent 

The Issues
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