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📌 The Bradley Bulletin: Protect Kids From Harmful Content & Let's Celebrate Our Wins

Representative Brandi Bradley's Bi-monthly Newsletter, your Capitol Connection!

Good Morning House District 39,

Welcome back to another edition of The Bradley Bulletin, your source for the latest updates on legislative matters impacting Colorado. As your representative, I am committed to keeping you informed and engaged in local government. Let's dive into the important developments since our last newsletter:

🚨Call to Action Thursday, April 4th:

HB24-1247 Protecting Our Children from Harmful Digital Content.

This Thursday, April 4th, at 1:30 PM, we have a vital opportunity to protect our children from exposure to inappropriate digital content on their school devices with HB24-1247. Commercial school vendors claim their K-12 databases are educational, yet they contain embedded sex ads, pornographic material, and other vices. This legislation will protect kids from harmful content by empowering school districts to tell the vendor—if you allow ads, we will not have you as a vendor.

Our children must never be a target market for the adult entertainment industry. Join me in the Education Committee supporting HB24-1247 by providing testimony and advocating for the removal of harmful ads from school devices. Now is not the time to sit this one out. Your involvement is crucial, and together, we can ensure the safety and well-being of our children.

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Representative Bradley with Assembly team Erin Lee and Matthew Dark

🎉 Celebrating Victories:

Assembly was a resounding success, with a vote of 96-10. I am incredibly grateful for the overwhelming support from the delegates as I continue to represent HD39 and uphold conservative values in the Capitol. I couldn’t have asked for a better team to introduce me—Matthew Dark and Erin Lee are huge advocates fighting for our kids. Thank you to my family and friends for your unwavering support. Let's win in November!

HB24-1123 passes committee Funding for school safety fire arm detection

School Safety Bill HB24-1123, which aims to enhance school safety by utilizing AI for firearm detection, cleared its first hurdle by passing through the Education Committee (9-1).

Thank you to everyone who supported this vital initiative by making public comments and sending emails. We win when we work together, so thank you for your help! Stay tuned for updates on how you can further support HB24-1123 in its next phase.

Colorado State House Representative Brandi Bradley

Legislative Spotlight:

Bradley's Amendments to The Long Bill

  • Democrats voted AGAINST $2 million for School Safety

I proposed an Amendment to the Long Bill (the budget) to allocate 2 million dollars for school safety in Colorado. Communist Representative Epps led an effort to convince 32 Democratic representatives to vote against this amendment. It's incredibly disappointing that even some educators voted against keeping schools safe.

As of now, the 1,927 schools in Colorado can expect just $200,000 allocated to school safety. This comes to just $103 for each school! Watch my comments about it here

  • Taxpayer Money for Education should not go to the Teachers Union

I proposed an amendment that the CO Department of Education had to put a footnote clearly written that NOT a penny of taxpayer money would be spent on teachers' unions; all funds have to be spent on students and schools. Democrats voted AGAINST this amendment.

  • Firearm Training for Women

Since the House just passed a bill for mandatory annual firearm training for concealed carry, I advocated for allocating $75,000 of our budget for firearm training for women, particularly in underserved areas like Denver and Aurora, where crime is the worst. Colorado is 6th worst in the USA for rape - women who are victims of crime to keep their concealed carry license will now have to take off work and pay $250 to stay safe. UNFORTUNATELY, the Democrats did not think we should help their underserved constituents protect themselves.

As you can tell from those amendments, reason, and logic elude our communist representatives. Yesterday, I presented three crucial amendments to SB24-068, the physician-assisted suicide bill, and not a single one was accepted. The lack of accountability and documentation is alarming, especially considering that nurses can now make decisions that could end lives as they see fit. Additionally, the Democrats voted to continue "I Matter" indefinitely, allowing children to receive counseling in schools without parental involvement, despite numerous testimonies highlighting the dangers of counselors transitioning kids.

In Closing: It's Time to Get Involved

Sometimes I wonder when is enough enough? I am not sure people understand the depravity we see argued at the Capitol day in and day out, issues that DO and WILL affect your family. That's why it is necessary and very valuable in this fight to give testimonies or email legislators when asked for your help and involvement on our bills. You see, our founders created our republic to be for the people BY the people. So, I urge you earnestly to share these newsletters and engage with our efforts on Social Media, but above all, please get involved with our Calls to Action.

I hope to see you virtually or in person on Thursday, April 4th, for HB24-1247 or another time supporting our fight against the DEMOCRATS; it's time to direct our efforts at the real enemy, ideologies that go against our values, not each other.

Thank you so much for your unwavering support. Together, let's continue to fight for a brighter future for all.

In Liberty,

Colorado State House Representative Brandi Bradley

Brandi Bradley

Your Representative for Colorado House District 39


🎂 Message from Team Bradley: Birthday Wishes and Support

On April 2nd, we celebrate Representative Brandi Bradley's birthday! Join us in wishing her a happy birthday, and consider making a donation to support her efforts as she embarks on another election cycle.

Your continued support is invaluable in advancing our shared goals and values.





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