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📌 The Bradley Bulletin: Legislative Report and Caucus

Updated: Mar 7

Representative Brandi Bradley's Bi-weekly Newsletter, your Capitol Connection!

Dear District 39 Residents,

Let me bring you up-to-date on recent events and the ongoing legislative challenges that demand our attention. As we approach March 21st, I am in need of your support for crucial bills addressing school safety, the allocation of school union dues to prevent political misuse, and my initiative aimed at tackling harmful digital content within educational materials in public schools!

Before diving into these important details, let me share some highlights from the past week:

Rep. Bradley talking with Chloe Cole, an American activist advocating against gender-affirming care for minors

Meeting Chloe Cole: A Conversation Against Gender-Affirming Care for Minors

Since our last communication, I have had the privilege of meeting Chloe Cole, an American activist advocating against gender-affirming care for minors. Chloe, who has undergone her own detransition, shared her insights and experiences, shedding light on the complexities of this critical issue. The conversation with Chloe underscored the importance of careful consideration and balanced dialogue as we navigate policies impacting the well-being of our youth.

Fighting Against HB24 1071: Prioritizing Victims Over Criminals

I've taken a strong stand against HB24 1071, a proposal allowing individuals who committed felonies to change their names according to their sexual identity in the name of dignity. It is unacceptable to prioritize the dignity of criminals over the victims of their crimes.

HB24-1039: Non-legal Name Changes of Minors

Another concerning bill, HB24-1039, is making its way through the Capitol. This proposal allows minors to change their names without legal documentation, keeping such decisions secret from their parents. It's a ludicrous notion that, under the guise of protection, the state house would endorse such secrecy. It is crucial to stand up against legislation that threatens the rights of parents and the well-being of our children.

Colorado State House Representative Brandi Bradley

Bradley’s Capitol Connection: Legislative Spotlight

Rep. Bradley presenting HB24-1092
Rep. Bradley presenting HB24-1092

I'm thrilled to share the exciting news that my bill, HB24-1254, Sunset Regulation of Nontransplant Tissue Banks, has successfully passed through committee with unanimous support!

Get Involved: March 21st - Education Committee

Mark your calendars for Thursday, March 21st, as three of my bills will be discussed in the Education Committee:

A heartfelt thank you to the mama bears who shared their testimony on February 28th. Your support means the world to me. I'm thrilled about the progress of my school safety bill, HB24-1123, which harnesses AI technology for firearm detection to ensure the safety of our children. A recent article in Colorado Politics highlighted the significance of this initiative.

After presenting it to the education committee, we decided to delay the vote to incorporate an amendment that would further strengthen the bill. I urge you to contact members of the education committee, stressing the importance of a yes vote for the enhanced safety of our schools. Together, let's make a lasting impact!

In my latest bill, HB24-1298, we're focused on accountability and transparency in labor unions for school employees. This legislation restricts the use of union member dues, ensuring they cannot be directly utilized to support the election or reelection of public officers or endorse local or state ballot measures opposed by union members. It's about protecting the rights and interests of our school employees.

In my personal bill, HB24-1247, we're taking a stand to ensure the integrity of digital education materials in public schools. The bill requires contracts with vendors to include termination clauses for three instances of harmful content. It empowers parents, students, and school staff to report such material, ensuring swift removal within three business days. The legislation also mandates annual disclosure of contracts with public libraries and notifies interested parties of reporting procedures, emphasizing our commitment to protecting students.

Your engagement and testimony on March 21st will greatly contribute to the success of these 3 crucial initiatives. You can testify in person or virtually.

The Bradley Bulletin: Legislative Report and Caucus

Douglas County GOP Caucus

Don’t forget - GOP Caucus this Thursday.

Calling all Douglas County Republicans: Join the fight to save our state.

Become a delegate!

Our team will be at the following locations- I hope to see you there!

Acres Green Elementary

Buffalo Ridge Elementary

Castle Rock Middle School

Chaparral High School

Eagle Ridge Elementary

Flagstone Elementary

Highlands Ranch High School

Larkspur Elementary

Ponderosa High School

Roxborough Primary

Sedalia Elementary

Thunder Ridge High School

Find out more at

Thank you for your continued support and commitment to our shared values. Contact me if you plan on visiting the Capitol to give testimony on March 21st. I am here to help and am thankful for your participation!

Best regards,

Colorado State House Representative Brandi Bradley

Brandi Bradley

Your Representative for Colorado House District 39





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