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The Bradley Bulletin: Newsletter and Website Launch

Welcome to Representative Brandi Bradley's Bi-weekly Newsletter!

Colorado House Representative Brandi Bradley
Rep. Brandi Bradley Conservative Values, Strong Advocacy, and Community-Centered Leadership

Dear District 39 Residents,

I hope this message finds you well. I'm introducing The Bradley Bulletin, a biweekly update to inform you on legislative matters, ways to get involved, and my ongoing efforts to champion conservative values in Colorado.

Additionally, I'm thrilled to share exciting news with you – our brand-new website is LIVE! This platform will serve as a hub for information and resources and a direct line of communication between us.

Be sure to visit to explore our newly designed website.

Here are some website highlights to look forward to as we continue to build the website to serve YOU better:

1. Legislation Hub: Stay informed about upcoming bills and their potential impact on our community.


2. Get Involved: Discover various ways to participate in the political process because your voice matters! Be sure to fill out our form for issues that matter most to you; when we have opportunities for you to get involved, we will let you know!

3. Conservative Values Corner: Under the ISSUES tab, learn more about the principles guiding my work as your representative.

Bradley’s Capitol Connection: Your BiWeekly Dose of Legislative Insights

Starting this month, you can expect Bradley's Bulletin in your inbox. Each issue will highlight various features like:

1. Legislation Spotlight: A breakdown of upcoming bills and their relevance to our community. Learn how you can voice your opinion and influence the decision-making process.

2. Get Involved Guide: Actionable steps for constituents to actively participate in civic engagement, town hall meetings, and community initiatives.

3. Upcoming Events: Keeping you informed about various events I will be involved with or attending, representing the 39th District.

I'm excited about the opportunities this new platform provides for us to connect and work together. I hope you enjoy the legislative updates and new website. Thank you for your ongoing support and trust. Together, we'll continue to uphold the values that make Colorado House District 39 a beacon of conservative principles.

Best regards,

Representative Brandi Bradley

Brandi Bradley

Your Representative for Colorado House District 39

PS. Be sure to check out my Legislative Spotlight below!!


Colorado Capitol House Bill Legislation HB24-1092

Minimum Sentence Crimes Against Prostituted Children

Concerning requiring a minimum period of incarceration for persons who commit actions against prostituted children.

SESSION: 2024 Regular Session

SUBJECT: Crimes, Corrections, & Enforcement

As your representative, it is my duty to advocate for the safety and well-being of our community. I want to bring your attention to an important legislative initiative that I am sponsoring - House Bill 24-1092.

The bill, scheduled for discussion in the State Affairs Committee on February 15th, addresses a critical issue in our state - the leniency surrounding crimes against prostituted children. Currently, many individuals responsible for soliciting prostitutes or pandering to children in Colorado escape with minimal consequences, often avoiding even probation.

House Bill 24-1092 aims to rectify this disparity by mandating a minimum period of incarceration for those convicted of crimes against prostituted children. Under the proposed legislation, individuals found guilty of such offenses will face a court-mandated sentence to the Department of Corrections for a term equal to at least the minimum of the presumptive range for their respective felony class.

For instance, the bill stipulates a minimum sentence of 4 years for crimes classified as class 3 felonies and a minimum of 8 years for pandering of a child, specifically in cases involving menacing or criminal intimidation.

Our goal is to ensure that justice is served and that the safety of our most vulnerable population is prioritized. It is imperative that we hold those who exploit and harm our children accountable for their actions. Comparable measures in other states, such as California, have demonstrated the effectiveness of imposing substantial sentences for such offenses, serving as a deterrent and safeguarding our communities.

Your support for House Bill 24-1092 is crucial in creating a safer environment for our children and sending a clear message that our community stands united against crimes targeting the most vulnerable among us.





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